About Angela’s Angels

The idea behind Angela’s Angels was first conceived when a girlfriend and I were discussing our ageing parents and the best ways to help them live comfortably in their own homes. The time we could devote to helping our parents was influenced by our own work and family commitments.


My name is Louise. I have been fortunate to be able to stay home while my children were growing up and accept contract work when it fits in with my family life. This is now all changing! My children are independent but my parents and mother-in-law are requiring more time and assistance.


My girlfriend, Angela, has been a cleaner, household helper and companion for many years. She cleans and helps with laundry for some of her clients, helps prepare meals, runs errands, takes them shopping, to the hairdressers, or the doctors. The families that Angela deals with love that she is giving some independence and companionship to their loved ones and often refer to her as an Angel. My idea to create and name the site Angela's Angels was borne from this!


Our generation are now being called the “sandwich generation”. We are a generation of people, typically in our thirties, forties and fifties, responsible both for bringing up our own children and for the care of our ageing parents.  It is so named because we are "sandwiched" between the obligation and desire to care for our ageing parents - who may be frail or ill or in need of financial support - and children, who also require financial, physical and emotional support. Added to this, our children might also have their own children who we really want to spend our spare time with.


Thrown into the mix and the pressure placed upon us is the fact that many of us are working, either through choice or through necessity! There are just not enough hours in the day to work, look after a house and give time to both the younger and older generations.


Angela’s Angels isn’t just about looking after the older generation as there are so many others who require in-home help. It is perfect for someone recovering from an illness or accident when chores around the house may prove difficult. Organise an Angel to visit a mum just home from hospital with a new baby and help her to enjoy her baby without feeling guilty about mounting housework. Our Angels will also drop off/collect children from school and look after them until you get home.


For a variety of reasons, you, or a loved one, may require:

      • Household cleaning and laundry;
      • Meal preparation;
      • Assistance with weekly shopping;
      • Driving to and accompanying on special and regular outings or appointments;
      • Changing bed linen;
      • Cleaning fridge and checking for out of date food;
      • Participating in favourite hobbies and crafts;
      • Assistance with correspondence and paperwork; or
      • Light gardening duties.


Household helpers are also a wonderful source of companionship for those living alone.


Our Angels are not qualified medical carers and therefore will not be expected to administer special medication.


So whether you are looking for work, or looking for some help around the house we are here to make that process easy. Angela’s Angels is not an employment agency. We are a meeting place allowing people requiring help and those offering their services to make contact and connect.


Our aim at Angela’s Angels is to bring a work/life balance that will benefit everyone concerned.